Since 2007 Lopan industries has been Handling Nihon Kohsakuyu products in India. NIHON KOHSAKUYU founded in 1927, has specialized principally in metal working lubricants for over three quarters of a century. They have devoted   R&D activities to the creation of new lubricants which support the technical innovations of our industry. They have over 4500 customers representing various industries and have developed more than 2000 products to cater to customers’ unique needs. Nihon Kohsakuyu products are popular by the Brand name of ‘LUBE TECH’.

In India, LUBE TECH Oils are very popular in Fine Blanking and High Speed Stamping applications; they are available in the following categories:

Metal working lubricants

  • Stamping and forming lubricants
  • Rolling Oils
  • Blanking Oils/ Fine Blanking Oils
  • Cold Forging Lubricants
  • Hot Forging Compounds
  • Drawing Lubricants

Cutting and Grinding fluids


Rust preventive oils

In case you require specific information regarding ‘LUBE TECH’ products, please feel free to write to us at or call us 91-1276-267574. We are working from 9:30 am – 5:30 pm (Mon-Sat) and will be happy to assist you. You can also visit

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