Are you using the World’s Best Radiant Tubes?

We have tied up with INEX INC. to get the World’s Best Radiant Tubes in India.  INEX specializes in the manufacture of Composite Radiant Tubes (CRTs) for use in various heat treating processes. INEX tubes consist of silicon carbide in a silicon matrix, specifically engineered for radiant tubes, and are made using their patented fabrication process. These composite tubes were first introduced in 1988 and have successfully overcome the problems incurred with conventional tubes (mullite or metal alloy) that suffer from corrosion, creep, melt through, and/or oxidation.

These tubes are simply the WORLD’S BEST RADIANT TUBES

INEX tubes are available is a vast arrays of sizes and shape, to help you chose the best fit for your applications. Lopan will not just deliver the tubes but will also help you in installing the same, so as to take care of your entire service needs.

To know more about INEX Tubes, their long life and how cost effective they are, please feel free to write to us at info@lopan.co.in or call us 91-1276-267574. We are working from 9:30 am – 5:30 pm (Mon-Sat) and will be happy to assist you. You can also visit


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